Kubernetes, Smubernetes

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It’s easy to make the most popular choice, but the popular choice isn’t always the most correct. Sometimes you have to step out on a limb. Google’s Kubernetes (“k8s”) is vastly more popular than Docker Swarm, but k8s was developed by Google for themselves… i.e. for Google-sized workloads. Certainly it can no doubt easily handle […]

Fail Fast!

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Yesterday I commented on Slack that we would ditch the message queue and do direct API calls everywhere. That will solve some minor problems that we’ve known of all along and facilitate better front-end functionality going forward.

Best-Laid Plans?

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We have a small team and we’re trying to pull off a grand endeavour, and with that in mind, I’ve tried to keep to technologies that we already know whenever possible. That means occasionally making concessions between how I might suggest we do something in the proverbial “perfect world” versus the tools we might use to ensure success.