Get Involved

We want to get to know our users and get your feedback as we explore new ways to meet your needs. There are lots of ways you can get involved in crafting the future of the City of Chattanooga’s web presence. Whether you’re taking a survey, talking with us one-on-one, reviewing designs, or attending a meetup, your voice matters and your help is instrumental in making our city’s website the best it can be.

Design and Feedback

Want to get a sneak peek at what we’re working on? Need to vent about the current state of the City of Chattanoga’s website and apps? The more we know about what you need and how you interact with the city, the better job we can do designing and developing products for our community. 

Your Ideas

Our community is filled with creative and innovative thinkers. We love hearing your ideas, big and small. Whether you have a revolutionary idea that would flip the script of city government or know something simple we could do to improve how we serve you and your neighborhood, we want to hear it!

Meetups and Slack

Want to keep up with what we’re doing and celebrate our milestones with us? Every couple months we host a Meetup event in the Floor 5 community space at the Edney. We also have a Slack group where we can post and discuss our challenges and triumphs for fellow professionals and the community at large to discuss.